Watch me eat

My grandfather and I have this tradition, where we pepper each other’s soup… a LOT. He always says that it keeps him healthy and then starts to cough violently. Love him! Eating some soup I envy hamsters. They always have some food left, somewhere in their cheeks. (What happened to my hair?) food in the cheeks I drank out of a bottle for way too long. There are countless pictures of me lying around, drinking a bottle. It stretched out the process of drinking something and I enjoyed every minute of it. tini im Tessin Just eating some spaghetti for lunch. I was probably already looking forward to dinner at this point. eating spaghetti I was always in a state of trance when I ate, studying and thinking about the food. Of course, I was always the last to finish. Maybe that is because I did not just eat my food, but also the food to my right and to my left. eating desert A typical Swiss meal: wienerschnitzel and pommes frites. We never had french fries at home, but it was always on the kid’s menu in restaurants. Can you tell I love it? eating french fries I think I just ate too much chocolate… chocolate mouth


  1. Vicki Philipps says:

    You were an adorable little girl!

  2. Oh my gosh! These are TOO cute and too funny! I loved the comments about looking forward to dinner at lunch and eating the food to your left and right. Are you actually my food twin?!?

    • Thanks! It is possible… I have never met anyone in real life who thinks about food the way I do. Ok, that is not saying much, I do not know many people. But still! It is great to meet like minded people.

  3. kate says:

    aw i love this section! such a creatively cute idea

    • Haha Thanks! The last one ALWAYS makes me crack up. I will add more once I get back to Switzerland and dig out old photos. I am sure there are a LOT more of me eating.

  4. Jessie says:

    Haha! Ohhh, that is too cute for words! What a great way to introduce yourself! The last picture is my favorite, because I know I have one of me at that age somewhere doing the exact same thing!

  5. What a cute idea! I really love this! If it didn’t make me smile talking with you via email earlier today, this sure did!

    I will have to bring my mom over (who lives next door to me) and have her day be brightened up too! :-) If there is one thing she loves is a cute kid, and you sure were one! You still are, just a bit older now. ;-)

    You’ll have to email me and tell me what kind of software or websites you used to create them. Really great! Did you scan the pictures then? I used to have one when I was the CEO of the Epilepsy Connection and it came in really handy.

    Keep making me smile.


    Polly Motzko

    • Haha Polly, you are sweet! So glad I could make you smile!

      I have so many more pictures of me eating. My mom just told me recently on the phone, that it is kind of weird how many pictures of me eating there are… I guess I just ate all the time.

      Yes, scanned them. I used photoshop to crop them and add the speech bubbles etc. Love photoshop! But is is a little expensive. But it is worth it if you want to touch up your food pictures (or any other picture) for example.

      Thanks for the congratulations! I am so happy about being in the top 9. This is the second time in one week. I just cannot believe it. It is so great to see when people like what you do!

      – Christina

  6. Angran says:

    Ah,hahahahahaha! You “hurt” my belly.I have laughed for a long time!!!
    I worship you! You indeed love food.

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