About this Blog

What is this blog’s food philosophy?

It is not about eating the healthiest way theoretically possible. Life is complicated and simply too short to not enjoy the food you are eating or to feel miserable because of it. Everyone should try to do their best in order to eat food that makes them happy, healthy and live longer. I believe in food that is delicious, satisfying and nourishing.

Changing anything, — especially eating behaviors — is never easy. This blog will hopefully provide motivation, inspiration and practical strategies so that you can achieve all of the above.

Why did you start blogging?

This blog is the result of a true love for delicious, healthy food. I simply love planning, preparing and EATING meals. When I am not eating, I read the latest research on nutrition to expand my knowledge. Another passion of mine is sharing this knowledge and food with others. While people are always happy to get some food, I can’t always say the same about the former. That is why I decided to create this blog. Here I can share my knowledge of food and nutrition, knowing that people can choose whether or not they want to read it. I love helping others and if I can just make a small difference in one person’s life with this blog, it was worth creating it.

What does food mean to you?

A lot! Ok, let me clarify on that. In short, I see food as an opportunity to increase happiness. Eating is something we have to do everyday. If you can truly enjoy the process of eating, you can experience a little bit (or a lot) of joy at least three times a day. But food can make you happy in more ways than just by tasting good. Good food nourishes your body, so that you can feel great anytime of the day and on any day of your life (most of them anyway). However, it is also important to develop a good attitude towards food and eating: not obsessing about it and not having guilt about it. The last point here is in a way the most important one. If you have an unhealthy attitude towards food — this can mean many things — food can ultimately make you unhappy, even if it tastes amazing and is incredibly healthy.

Who would want to read this blog?

Believe me, that is a question I have asked myself. This blog is intended for everyone who has some interest in healthy, delicious food. I hope that no matter whether you are a complete health nut, hoping to become one, interested in tweaking your diet a bit, in the process of losing weight or simply looking for some basic information on food and nutrition, I hope there will be some posts that are interesting and useful to you.

What kind of things will you blog about?

I intend to cover a wide variety of topics, all food and nutrition related. I will write about food preparation, flavor, food and nutrition basics, weight control, disease prevention, food sensitivities, advanced nutrition etc. Even though most posts will tend to be informative, there will be some posts that are food for thought and of a philosophical nature (still food related though). The focus of the posts will be to deliver sound and valuable information.

What do you hope to accomplish with this blog?

You have probably noticed that there is an incredible amount of information out there, especially health related information. A lot of which is conflicting and confusing. I believe this causes a lot of people to be frustrated with nutrition and therefore avoid the topic altogether. I not only hope to deliver information in an unbiased way and to explain concepts, but also to share strategies, tips and techniques to put that information to use. I also hope to show that a lot of things are not as black and white as people make them out to be, that everybody is different and that the path to a healthier diet is one of small steps. In sum, I hope to inform, to inspire and to improve people’s quality of life!

I want this blog to be an open, honest and welcoming platform for anything food related. So, if you are curious about something, don’t hesitate to ask!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!

About Me

About me

My Life so Far

Hi, my name is Christina. I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. I came to the United States when I was 16 years old as an exchange student. I ended up falling in love with my host brother (now husband). In order to be with him, I dropped out of High School and decided to study in the US. We lived in Iowa City for almost six years. In 2010 we decided to move to Switzerland to start the next chapter of our lives. That’s my life in a nutshell.

Random Facts about Me

I love to spy on people’s food in grocery stores and to see whether or not there is a connection between the way they look and what they eat.

I absolutely love being rubbed. My husband and I have a deal that I do most the cooking, laundry and cleaning as long as he pays me back with massages.

As a child I was convinced that if I ate red bell peppers I would get sick.

My favorite video game is LittleBigPlanet. My avatar is a bunny.

I am a teetotaler. Strangely, I started “drinking” when I was three years old. My grandfather insisted that I dip my tongue into whatever he was drinking (wine, schnapps, gin etc.) so that I would not be tempted by something forbidden. I guess it worked…

When I was a little girl I would fantasize about making heart-shaped pasta for my boyfriend one day.

I love learning things and my favorite things to read are textbooks and cookbooks.

I used to be addicted to lip gloss, but I gave it up after my husband stopped kissing me.

About Mark

My Story

I met Christina my Senior year of high school. I was a runner, but didn’t have a very good diet, and was rather picky. I would describe our first encounter as lust love at first sight… at least on my part. It wasn’t until we actually sat down and talked that I realized she was also intelligent, interesting, and hilarious. We even hit it off nicely!

There was only one problem (other than the whole “my exchange year will be over in a year and we’ll be 2000 miles apart”) — She was a foodie, and I was not.

Not only was I not a foodie, I was really not a foodie! I hated food. I would have given anything to take a pill to satisfy all of my nutritional needs. Sure there were some foods I enjoyed, but it wasn’t even close to worth it.

Not only was she a foodie, she was really a foodie! She loved to cook, eat, talk about, and enjoy food. It was hard to argue with her about it, too, since she knew everything about food, cooking, and nutrition, while I knew next to nothing (I thought blueberry muffins were healthy since they had blueberries in them, and that cinnamon was unhealthy (cinnamon buns, anyone?)).

There was one thing that saved us… I really loved her cooking! The first meal she made for me was yellow curry, and it was delicious. Every food she made instantly became one of my favorites.

As it turns out, I’m only picky in that I think I won’t like any food. When she does cook these foods, and I eat them, I almost always love them! The story of our (eating) lives is that she offers me a food, I repeatedly say ‘no’, I try it, and then I ask for it every week. You’d think I would have eventually figured it out, but it’s happened with 3 different types of smoothies, all sorts of nuts, shrimp, scallops, tuna, raw spinach… the list goes on. I still do it, but it gets easier every time. I consider myself a rational person, but I think very irrationally when it comes to food, and I suspect I’m not the only one.

Christina could never brag, so I’ll do it for her: she is an amazing cook, knows a ridiculous amount of information about food and nutrition, really wants to help others, and is an awesome wife too .

Now what’s for dinner?



  1. Hey! I just saw your post on my blog – thanks for visiting! Yes, I am near the IC area….we live in Wilton about 25 min. east of Iowa City. There seem to be a lot of bloggers around this area! Another one is Kate, from http://www.whatkateate.com….you should check her’s out as well. I think we are trying to get all the Iowa bloggers together, so if you’d like to be involved I can attach your email to the ones that have been going around. Let me know!


    • Hi Ally,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Thank you for the link, I will definitely check it out! I would love to be on that list! :) I am always looking to make new friends and this seems like a great idea! Thank you for doing this.

      – Christina

      PS: Your son is so adorable! Loved the little mohawk!

  2. Thanks for stoppin by my blog so I could jump over to yours! You are GORGEOUS!! I am definitely going to be following along…and maybe you can talk the hubs into an Austin trip!! haha! :)

    • Wow, you are fast! haha I just commented a SECOND ago.

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment. *blush* I can only give it back!

      I would love to explore some more parts of the US and of course meet new people! As long as you will make sea bass for us, we are coming! ;)

      Love your mission and it is so similar to what I believe. I will definitely read your blog!

      – Christina

  3. Katie says:

    Loving your blog girl!! You are beautiful !!!

    So sweet how you and your hubby met!!! I might have to know the whole love story, Im a sucker for those!!! Hahaha!!!

    Love the blog and glad I found it!! The whole layout is great too!!!!

    • Thank you Katie! So are you!

      There is definitely a lot more to that story. I would love to share it with you someday.

      I designed this blog myself, it took about 5 designs until I was happy. Maybe I just could not wait any longer… It is so much fun to meet new people with similar interests.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      – Christina

  4. Ameena says:

    Beautiful pictures of both of you! Love his kind words about you. He is a keeper!

    • Thank you Ameena!

      I have to change that picture of Mark, but my pictures are on another computer. This is the best “temporary” one I could find.

      Definitely a keeper! I saw your family on your blog and your husband reminded me of Mark. He is a computer scientist and loves programming. I thought is was so funny how your husband posed for a picture with his PC shirt!

  5. Jenn says:

    Wow! I love love stories! I just posted mine on my blog. Yours is SO cute! What a beautiful couple you are and how wonderful you have come to enjoy the same passion.

    Thank you for caring and thoughtful comments on my blog regarding sugar addiction. I’m glad you responded again because I meant to jump right over here to check yours out but got distracted by my kiddos. I’m on my way back to respond!

    • Yours is beautiful too! It is so special to have known someone for so long. Going through different phases of life together… I can totally relate to your feelings: finding someone that loves you (flaws and all) and stays with you during tough times. Beautiful!

      I was worried at first how you would respond to my comments. It is not my business after all. But I am glad you were so nice about it! :)

  6. Megan says:

    Love your blog. Lot’s of great info.
    Do you have a background in nutrition?
    And just curious, does most of your information come textbooks or online sources? I’d love to see a post about some of your book recommendations. I’m always looking for new things to read :)

    • Thank you Megan! So glad you like it!

      I do not have a formal background in nutrition. I do, however, have a strong background in the biological sciences, and am well read in nutrition.

      My dad is a biochemist and my mom a pharmacist. I think I knew how a cell worked before I could even spell my name. ☺ I have been reading textbooks my whole life and therefore have a good understanding of biochemistry, biology, physiology etc. I also studied biology and computer science in college and worked in labs.

      I get most of my information from research papers, which I believe is the closest you can get to the truth. Having a good understanding of the science behind the research lets me evaluate the results and see potential problems.

      For the most part, I do not get information from the Internet. While there is certainly good information out there, there is even more misleading and wrong information. Unfortunately, there are a ton of people out there trying to make money and sometimes intentionally spreading misinformation (even certain formal organizations are not completely truthful). That information gets picked up by well-meaning people and spread even further.

      Many news sites take a research finding and interpret it to make an outrageous statement that sells. This is often completely misleading. I am incredibly skeptical with everything I read and always want to go back to the source and evaluate it to the best of my knowledge. The same principles apply to many books on health/nutrition.

      It is hard to get to the truth if you have no real way of evaluating for yourself what is being said. Understanding the science is the only good way, in my opinion, to find the truth in something. I encourage everyone to at least know the basics of science if they are interested in health/nutrition. I strongly believe that this would help people to make better choices, not only for their health but their wallet as well (buying worthless health products etc.)

      Of course, this is not realistic. Not everyone even wants to understand science in detail. That is why, in general, I always tell people to at least be skeptical. Check the sources and watch out for red flags when reading something. Red flags are: people trying to sell products, or promoting a product, claiming something has a wide range of health benefits (cancer, AIDS, hepatitis etc.), not stating any reason for why something is true etc. Also, solid information often gets mixed in with absolute nonsense. People recognize the truth (basic science principles) and assume everything being said is true.

      I could go on and on. ☺ That is because I feel very strongly about this. I sincerely want to help people and it makes me sad when people spread lies and confuse people, intentionally or not.

      I have been thinking about getting an R.D. in order to gain more credibility (people love titles…), but I’m not sure how much I would gain from it. Also a lot of the formal knowledge on nutrition/health that is being taught is not up to date with the newest research. The only way to really know what is going on is to keep up with research, with or without a title.

      For now I feel like my time is better spent spreading some knowledge through this blog and trying to help people gain a better relationship with food. Many times the most pressing needs are not knowing exactly what a superfood can do to your body etc., but rather learning how to make small simple steps that lead to a more healthful diet and a happier life. This is what I am trying to do here – give people resources that they can use and implement, while spreading some information. ☺

      Unfortunately, I can’t recommend specific books for you unless I know what type of book you are looking for. Are you looking for cookbooks, textbooks, pop science, research summaries, or something between?

      Sorry for this LONG response. I just want my readers to know that they can trust me. Of course, I do not know everything and I am not always right. There are many things we do not KNOW for certain regarding nutrition/health. But, when the facts change, I change my mind too.

      Let me know if you have any more questions! Thanks for reading!

      – Christina

      • Megan says:

        Thanks for the response!
        Well it’s nice to know that you’re a skeptic, even when reading research papers people should check to see who funded the study; there’s a lot of tainted information out there.
        Personally I wouldn’t bother with becoming a RD unless you were interested in pursuing it as a career. Although people like titles, proof of knowledge is much more important in my books and you’re definitely doing good so far :) I’ve met with an RD before and I didn’t have the greatest experience; it’s almost as if she received her title and then just gave up on learning new things. Now that was just my personal experience with one person, but it proves that those letters don’t always mean much.
        I was looking more for recommendations on resources involving nutrition and the body, like if there are textbooks or research summaries you found interesting and would care to share. I’m always trying to find up to date information but I’m not evern sure where to find research papers…

  7. Hi Christina! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog because it brought me to yours…i love it and can’t wait to read more from you! :)

  8. Lauren says:

    Hi there,
    just wanted to let you know that I love the blog. You are actually the first blogger that I’ve bookmarked and returned to. I’m really glad that I fell upon ‘health-foodie’ when looking for a recipe for chocolate truffles – you may have just saved my life!
    I hope, with your tips, I can get my significant other to enjoy new food (he thinks he’s a foodie but wont try anything new!?!?!?!?!).
    anyway, great work, I’ll definitely be visiting again… alot!

    • Hi Lauren! Thank you so much for the nice comment! Always makes me happy to hear that people like it here.

      I did not know that I show up when you search for chocolate truffles! There seems to be so much competition for those keywords. Did you specifically look for healthy ones? So glad you found me, I mean the truffles. ;)

      I completely understand! I know what it is like to be with someone who does not want to try anything new… At least he does not consider himself a foodie!

      I would love to help in any way I can. I do have some expertise in the field and had some success haha. My husband actually wants to become a more active part of this blog (writing posts also, not just rating recipes) in order to inspire others who have “issues” and to make people laugh. We do have quite a bit of funny stories on the subject. You could email me about things your husband likes and what he refuses to try etc.

      Thanks for stopping by and bookmarking me/us! Always highly appreciated!

    • Mark says:

      Hi Lauren,

      I’m glad you found us! Almost every new food is a struggle for me. In fact, almost all of my favorite foods are foods that I would not try at first. I hope that these recipes help your significant other try new foods too.


  9. Taiko Tari says:

    Hi Christina,
    I saw your comment at one of Epicurious thread on airplane snack, then I was intrigued by your handle name and then finally got to your site and saw your post on the mashed cauliflower. I’ve been on the South Beach Diet for about 10 days now and one of the recipes that the book suggested was mashed cauliflower and I have never tried it before. I am going to try your recipe tonight.
    Btw, your site looks really great and if it’s alright with you, I’d love to link up yours to mine, for healthy cooking reference. Thanks for such an informative blog!

    • Hi Taiko,

      You are so welcome! I am so glad you stopped by! I love that you live in Japan. It is a place I cannot wait to visit. Having a reader from Japan makes me feel a little more connected to it. Feel free to link to my blog!

      I hope you will like the recipe, the texture is really surprisingly similar to mashed cauliflower. Feel free to come up with your own spice mix. I will definitely be following along your journey!

  10. I love this information about you……and your hubby. How fun!

  11. Jessica Lee says:

    You guys have the CUTEST story ever! And you are GORGEOUS!

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi there Christina!! I just read your adorable, unconventional, but AWESOME love and food story and I’m SO intrigued! I can’t wait to read more about what you have to say about food and I’ve love to know how American culture changes the sophisticated palate of a Swiss girl!!! :)

    • Thank you Michelle! I am still planning on elaborating a little on my story. But the posts are more important for now. I will definitely start a new category of posts where I will tell stories. I have some good ones about food encounters in the US…my husband in turn has some great ones about the food in Switzerland. haha It should be fun!

      Thanks for reading!

  13. Nic says:

    Hey! Just found your blog!!
    E zürcherin, wer hetti das dänkt?!
    I’m looking forward to reading about your food, life and whatsoever!!
    Can’t wait to read through your past posts!! But that must wait until after my holidays!!
    Bis bald! ;) N.

    • Hi Nic and welcome!

      Woher chunsch denn du genau?

      I am glad you found me, I always love new readers. At least there are not that many posts yet, so reading them all is definitely possible!

      Thanks for your nice comment!

      • Nic says:

        Thanx for your welcome!!

        Bi vo züri!! Aso ufgwachse in Birmensdorf und wohne jez in Schliere!!

        Still can’t believe that I found a fellow Swiss foodie!!! YAY!!!
        Have to admit that I searched for some time and gave up because I found noone!!
        I need to visit you some time… ;)

        Have a great day!! And hope to read more from you soon!!
        (häsch facebook oder so?)

        Love, n.

        • Ah das isch ja ganz ide Noechi. Ich bin in Wollishofe ufgwachse. Mini Muetter wohnt aber in Thalwil.

          I just found some other Swiss foodies recently. There is Karin , Celine and Rosa. There are probably even more. So many blogs out there!

          Ja, facebook hani. Min Nachname isch Willner. Findsch mi sicher.

        • Nic says:

          Not sure which one you are! *blush*
          Why don’t you add me Nicole Bühler <– same userpic as on my blog (yellow shirt)!

        • Ok, got you! You are right, there are too many Christina’s with the same name. So many people in this world…oh my.

  14. Diana says:

    Christina – just found your blog through your comment and LOVE it! Also love your love story with Mark. You two are absolutely beatuiful (well, Mark is more handsome, and you’re more drop dead gorgeous). I can wait to read more.

    • Hi Diana! I am so glad you found us and like it here!

      Thanks for the compliments! So glad to have you as a reader! Let me know if you have any questions or requests.

  15. Jo says:

    I am very excited about your blog. I have been a BAD eater for most of my adult life. Now that I am committed to throwing the excess weight away, I am having to restructure my home, kitchen and the way/things I eat. My husband does most of the shopping and cooking, but he isn’t terribly inventive. We need ideas. Your story is very sweet. Thanks, Jo

    • Hi Jo!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comment!

      How impressive that you decided to turn things around! That is often the biggest hurdle. It can only get better from here!

      I am so glad you found us, I think there is a lot of information and tips that would be so useful to you and your husband. It is a pretty new blog, so not too many posts yet. But here are some things that are coming up: A 10 day healthy cooking tutorial, useful healthy kitchen equipment, little health tricks for the kitchen and a bunch of recipes!

      Please, feel free to contact me if you have any requests or questions!

  16. Katie says:

    Such a cute story; it’s like a fairy tale! Thanks for the comment on my blog, and I am glad you left it so I could find yours! I LOVE the layout of your blog. Clean and simple. Did you design it yourself?

    I am also addicted to reading about nutrition (especially research). I’m excited to read more!

  17. Thanks again for your email, Christina! You’re blog is AMAZING!!! It is so fabulously designed—I am jealous. The recipes you have on here are so practical and enticing too.

    PS You are WAY beautiful. I love your eye color :)

    • Thank you Allie! I am glad all the time I spent on the design was worth it. But no reason to be jealous, your blog is so lovely!

      You are sweet! Haha my eye color….funny story: I almost got into a fight once in an airport (forgot some important papers…ooops) when a woman needed to fill out some information about me and she said I was lying when I said my eyes are green! She was convinced they are brown. Finally, we asked another guy who was working there and he agreed with me!

  18. Lauren says:

    Hi Christina! Thanks so much for your comment. I loved reading your story (I married my high school sweetheart too!) :) and am really looking forward to reading more from you!

    • Thank you Lauren! I love having known my husband from such a young age. You really grow together. But I guess you always grow together no matter the age.

      Thanks for stopping by and welcome!!!

  19. lubos says:

    Christina/Mark, I very much like the design of your blog. If you don’t mind sharing, what wordpress theme did you start with it?

    • Hi Lubos! Thanks for the compliment. I would not mind sharing, but the truth is that there was no theme. I designed the whole blog from scratch. But let me know if you need help with a theme or want me do design a blog for you!

  20. eatingRD says:

    such a great story! You guys are adorable! I have to admit I secretly want to see what other people are getting at the grocery store too, isn’t that funny? I also can’t believe Mark doesn’t like to try foods, oh my gosh I think I’ll eat just about anything! lol My fiancé was very apprehensive about foods as a kid and now he’ll eat just about anything with me :)

    • Thank you! I think that is the best part about going to the grocery store, it is so hard to shut my mouth though. Sometimes I say something when I can help, like: Hey, so your buying celery… the organic celery over there is cheaper, also it is one of the foods that is most contaminated with bla bla bla. As long as I point out how to save money I am save. ;)

      Mark has made major progress. He eats so many foods now and he never minds trying veggies… just some foods he has bad associations with. I am not sure you are interested, but here is a show (from the UK) that I loved watching. It deals with people that are literally afraid of some foods and eat only very little foods. It was a real eye opener. It shows that picky eating should be treated just as any other behavioral disorders (eg. anorexia, bulimia, phobias). It’s fascinating to watch! These people simply cannot bring certain things passed their lips. And they gag or throw up when they do… I am so glad that Mark cares enough about his health to overcome his issues, no matter how hard it is for him. Let me know what you think if you do watch it!

  21. Ms. M says:

    Hey Health-Foodie,

    You keep stoppin’ by the FGTU site and droppin’ notes, so I thought I’d drop one right back! I’ve just ben exploring your blog a bit an quite honestly haven’t even scratched the surface. We do have one thing in common: I love food too…..though in my case it has been a bit too much over the last 20 years. Now that the new life plan is in full swing, the weight is being thrown away at a fairly steady rate.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by to give us some perspective from a skinny. We love that!

    • Welcome Ms. M and thanks for your lovely comment!

      Yes, I enjoy the FGTU site, it is very unique, funny and interesting. I am glad a skinny is welcome there too!

      Oh yes, I do love food. Always have! I want to make it clear though that I do not somehow have better self control than others or just a fast metabolism (as many like to believe). I was simply lucky to have had certain things work out they way they did. For one, I was not fed crap as a child and I got exposed to plenty of vegetables/fruit in a good way. If you never ate a donut in your life, you are just not tempted by it… And of course your taste buds are different (you can always change them however) when you grow up with that kind of food. Most things simply taste way too sweet to me as a result of not eating a lot of sugar from a young age. ALSO, I have a highly sensitive stomach. And I simply cannot eat anything that has too much fat or I will suffer…badly. So I naturally stayed away from extremely fatty foods (most of the time anyway…). I do eat a ton of food every day, but my choices are naturally good ones. Of course I improved my diet a lot as I learned more about nutrition, but I was always “close” to a healthy diet thanks to my upbringing and tummy. But I still changed my diet quite a bit over the year, it is all a very gradual process… So there you have it, I am not better than anyone else, I was just lucky!

      And I am always happy to share good, healthy food and nutrition tips with others who are interested.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  22. Christina,

    Thanks for checking out our site. I am glad to hear that you and your husband have similar passion in food and photography as much as we do. We started our blog and photography as a way to share similar interest, and now we depend on each other for ideas and inspiration. Just remember not to give up when things get hard.

  23. Mae says:

    You are amazing! Your site has so mush potential and I feel so lucky to have found it. My best friend last year was a foreign exchange student from Switzerland. I was so sad when she left. I’m glad you made the decision to stay in the US!
    Its awesome that you spend so much time home, also.
    I love science and I was wondering if you had any great book recommendation for food science? You seem very well read, I think a really fun page for your blog would be a “Bookshelf”. I love reading about books to find my next read.

    If you’re not too busy, could you check out my blog and give me some recommendations? I would love to hear from you. Thank you so much, I hope you’re having a wonderful evening.
    You’re gorgeous, by the way!!

    • Ohh May… you are too kind!

      That is so fun that your friend was Swiss. There are not too many of us. haha. I am glad too that I stayed…best decision of my life. I mainly go back to see my family. In 2009 I was only there for three weeks over Christmas. But since we are getting a second apartment there soon, It will probably be more from now on. We will see how it goes!

      Good question. I LOVE science too, but to be honest I have never read one about food science. I am very well read in all the basic natural sciences such as physics, chemistry, biochemistry and biology and studied them extensively in school. A lot of the food science concepts I understand as a result of this, I can’t tell you where I learned some of these things, they just make sense. haha So in a way, I am really not the right person to ask for book recommendations… so sorry! I really wish I could help… :( I just grew up around science and I mostly read hardcore (some would say dry haha) science textbooks and research papers. But I can give you this tip since you are going to college soon: take advantage of all the great classes they offer, even if it is not your major. Chemistry, biology and of course biochemistry are the very foundation of nutrition, if that is what you are interested in. You will get so much more out of every nutrition/cooking class if you have that background. But you probably already know that. haha

      I already checked out your blog! ;) Never too busy for anything, so always feel free to ask me things or just chat with me!

      Your blog looks great. The design is clean and organized. I also enjoyed all the posts I have read so far. The pictures look nice and appetizing (very important)! Loved the pasta picture especially, with the noodles wrapped around the fork, just wanted to take a bite, nom nom. Is there anything in particular you want me to take a look at? The design or photography? As you know, I am a complete blogger newbie. I do web design and can always help out with that… but in the other departments I just do something. haha Feel free to email me, if you want even more feedback!

      I wish you a great evening too! I am excited about the chopping challenge by the way! What a great idea!

      – Christina

  24. amy. says:

    so excited to find a fellow blogger in iowa! looking forward to following you.

  25. Theresa says:

    I love your blog! I too am a foodie – I love great food and make conscious decisions on what I eat based on their nutrition factor (but oft times taste instead overpowers these decisions =D). I’m so happy you have decided to start this blog and share with us your knowledge, beautiful pictures, and delightful stories. Your food and love story was wonderful and I can’t wait to read more. Great work!!

  26. kate says:

    Im glad to see you posted a few times over the summer! Hope you had a couple of relaxing months off. We should do lunch soon :)

    • Hey Kate!

      Lunch sounds great! We are actually moving to Switzerland pretty soon. So I have been super busy getting ready and working… Sorry blog! haha

      Let me know when you have time!

      – Christina

  27. Darrée says:

    Can you be any more beautiful and well informed about nutrition? You will be my savior while I’m living abroad. Thanks in advance! :)

  28. Joleen says:

    LOVE THIS BLOG! I’m so glad I found it :) I’ll be making those Asian lettuce tofu wraps for dinner tonight!

  29. mike says:

    Such a wonderful story! Sort of reminds me of my wife and I. She is soooo not a foodie and I definately am. She used to just pile all sorts of crap on her plate with no considerations for flavor profiles. She once said to me that she didnt care if I cooked or not and that we could just eat quick and easy boxed meals and the leftovers everynight and she wouldnt care because it was just sustinance to her. So I stopped cooking and the begging, pleading and crying started on day 1. She appreciates me way more now.

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