Healthy Chocolate Truffle Recipe

healthy chocolate truffle recipe

This post has been a little bit of a struggle. Not because of the actual post, but because of the fact that this is this blog’s first real post! For some reason I had the idea stuck in my head that the first post needed to be special somehow.

Even though I had about 50 ideas for posts scratched down on paper somewhere, none of them fulfilled the necessary criteria for becoming the “first post”. So I sat there in front of my computer, my fingers at the ready… but just could not figure out which post deserved this special honor.

And then I had the best idea yet: screw this! I am going to write about Chocolate Balls Truffles. I mean, who does not like chocolate?

Chocolate truffles can be great conversation starters

These little beauties are great for entertaining! Not only are they beautiful, tasty and healthy, but they also are a great conversation starter. When I brought them to a party once, I placed them on a little coffee table. After no more than 30 minutes, half of them where gone and a lot of people had somewhat of a guilt ridden look to their face…

I asked them if they enjoyed the truffles, and the answer was: “Oh yes, I just do not want to know how many calories I just ate.” You can probably imagine their surprise when I told them that the main ingredient is prunes and that they do not only have not nearly as many calories or saturated fat as your average truffle, but they have actual health benefits. Needless to say everyone wanted the recipe. So here it is!

Health Facts

Prunes are full of antioxidants; have a very low GL; contain a good amount of fiber, vitamin A, potassium and copper; and have recently gained attention for their connection to bone health. So far, they are the only food that may restore bone loss!

Healthy Chocolate Truffles

Makes 12 truffles


  • ½ cup
  • ¼ cup
  • 1 Tbsp
  • 5 Tbsp
  • pinch
  • Pitted prunes
  • Pitted dates
  • Maple syrup (optional)
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder (or more if you like! )
  • Salt


  1. 1. Slowly add the prunes and dates to a food processor until an indredibly smooth paste forms. If you have a large food processor you might want to double the recipe to make this step easier.
  2. 2. Add the maple syrup, salt and cocoa powder to the mix and process until well combined.
  3. 3. With your hands form 12 one-inch balls. Of course, you can make them smaller if you like. If you have trouble with stickiness, try wetting your hands a little.
  4. 4. Lick your fingers until they sparkle.
  5. 5. Place them in the refrigerator or freezer for at least a couple of hours for optimal texture. I find that the texture resembles real truffles more when placed in the freezer.

Flavor Tip

To create different variations you could coat them with crushed nuts like almonds or hazelnuts, cacao powder or even some dried unsweetened coconut flakes! Or try adding ¼ tsp of peppermint or orange flavoring (sugar free).

Of course, they won’t taste exactly like truffles, but pretty close! The flavor of the truffles strongly depends on the cocoa powder used. So use cocoa powder that has the kind of chocolate taste you enjoy. Cocoa can have all kinds of different flavor notes: nutty, fruity even flowery. Try out different kinds and see which one you like best.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Experiment with some flavors and have fun with it!


PS: I just made a batch of regular ones and another with peppermint. If you have already tried mint and chocolate together, I probably do not have to tell you that it is a match made in heaven! If you haven’t… what are you waiting for?

Healthy Tip

If you love the peppermint-chocolate combo, but feel like regular peppermint chocolate has too much sugar (not high enough cocoa percentage). Eat your regular dark chocolate while you drink peppermint tea. Place a piece of chocolate in your mouth, add tea and let the flavors melt and mingle in your mouth.

4.5 stars

Mark says:

The peppermint balls taste almost exactly like girl scout thin mints. And I love thin mints. Replacing foods I loved and don’t eat anymore with healthy foods that are at least as good is pretty awesome.

nutrition facts

per truffle

Calories: 35, Fat: 0.4g, GL: 4, %DV: Potassium 2%, Copper 10%, Vitamin K 5%

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  1. Notice how some words or phrases have a dashed underline (optional, pinch etc.). If you hold your cursor over the underlined phrase a box shows up with some additional information about the underlined phrase!

  2. Laura Tucker says:

    Is Mark your blog alter-ego…weighing in with a picky eater’s perspective? Are the gold stars his ranking system? This is genius!

    • You got it! He wanted to contribute somehow and he does bring a very different perspective to things. It would not mean very much if I ranked the food myself… I would give everything 4-5 stars! Glad you like it!

  3. Vicki Philipps says:

    Wow, these look very healthy yet so pretty! I am eager to try them and look forward to new recipes!

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for stopping by! Mark and I highly recommend the peppermint variation, if you like that flavor.

      Feel free to add a lot more cocoa powder (or a combo of different kinds) to make them even more chocolate-y. It will only have a minimal effect on each truffle in terms of Calories (see underlined note in the recipe). Just taste them as you go and adjust. Have fun!

  4. Laura Tucker says:

    Oh, oh. Let my example be a warning. I just broke my food processor trying to make a quadruple batch. Stick to the double batch! (Even with larger, not fully processed pieces of dried fruit, my truffles are delicious!)

    • Oh no. :( Could you post the brand, so we all know which food processor NOT to get?
      Don’t you think a food processor should be able to handle that? I mean, we are talking prunes here, not rocks! The quality of kitchen gadgets seems to be degrading…

      • Laura Tucker says:

        Kitchenaid…..I’ll be switching to Cuisinart…but, I agree…the quality is not what it was. My last Kitchenaid lasted for 15 years and was 3 times more powerful.

        • Laura Tucker says:

          While I’m waiting for my new Kitchenaid Food Processor (love you Kitchenaid) just wanted to check in with the good news that the Black and Decker mini-chopper ( handled one batch (12 truffles) without a problem. It’s an inexpensive ($20), space saving alternative for people who don’t own or want to own a food processor.

          I am addicted to these truffles – and like them with orange flavoring best!

        • Wow! I like my chopper, but I did not know he can do THAT! I will have to try. It is so much easier to clean than the big processor. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Sibyl Liedtke says:

    OK….but I love peanut butter and chocolate….any thoughts? (I am happy to use unsweetened almond butter). Would it be too oily for truffles?

    • You could definitely add 1-2 Tbsp of any nut butter. As long as you mix the butter first, and don’t get the very oily part it will work. I used to add 1 Tbsp to make them more nutritious and filling and they were perfect.

      The question is whether or not you could taste the peanut butter. Of course, you could always just dip them in peanut butter before eating them. This way you do not have to ruin the whole batch if it does not work well together.

      • Sibyl says:

        I am so excited to try this variation…thanks Christina!.

  6. Jessica says:

    WOW. These look scruptious. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    • Don’t they?! Perfect for entertaining. And sooo good. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I can’t wait to try these. The nutrition on these is fantastic!

    • Isn’t it? Especially compared to a regular truffle. I really hope you will like these. Make sure to freeze them for at least a day, even though it is hard not to eat them all right away! I think prunes have never been sexier.

  8. Nicole says:

    These look great! I think I’ll be making some today. Do you think that it would affect the taste much if I use all dates? I don’t have any prunes on hand right now. Maybe I should make a trip to the store!

    • Hi Nicole. Thanks for stopping by! I left you a comment on your about page about your food photography 101, loved it!

      Yes, I think it would definitely affect the taste and texture. Prunes seem to just get a lot creamier. Dates are also sweeter and have a different kind of sweetness/taste. And I also like the prunes for their nutrition profile.

      I am sure they would also be delicious with just dates, just not the same. Be sure to freeze them for at least a day for an amazing texture! Also, I highly recommend the peppermint variation.

      Hope you enjoy them!

  9. kelsey says:

    oooooooh heavenly!

    • Aren’t they? Pretty enough to just look at them. haha

      Thanks for stopping by Kelsey!

  10. Vicki Philipps says:

    Wow! They are as scrumptious as Laura has been telling me! I love that they are only 35 calories each and healthy! I made a double batch with the orange flavoring – very yummy. My next batch will be peppermint! I might try Sibyl’s idea with peanut butter too as I love peanut butter! More calories though :( Laura my Cuisinart worked great! Thank you Christina for this great recipe! Dieting may not be so bad after all!

    • You are welcome! I am so glad you like them! Loved Laura’s orange flavored ones too. The peppermint ones are definitely worth a try. Mark says they taste like thin mints and those seem to be very popular.

  11. lisa scaglione says:

    Christina,could these be made with a blender? Or should I just invest in a food processor? Any suggestions on what brand? Thanks! I love stopping by here every day and see what you’ve come up with!

    • Thanks for stopping by everyday! There will be a new post today!

      Unfortunately, I blender would most likely not work. The only one that MIGHT be able to handle it is the VitaMix. In general, blenders only work for liquid foods. Once, I was desperate enough (REALLY needed to puree something, all processors I had just broke) and tried to puree cauliflower in a blender…it was not even close to working, I should have trusted in physics. haha

      I would definitely invest in a food processor. You can do many great things with it. When buying one, the first thing you should figure out is, what size you need. Some hold 3 cups other up to 10 or more. Having some of each is helpful, because there are different needs (cutting an onion vs. making a LOT of chocolate truffles).

      Honestly, I have not found a processor yet that I can truly recommend. Things just seem to break a lot. I used to have this one. It worked fine until the motor broke. But it has a warranty for the motor.

      I now have this cheaper one . It works just as well. The top part broke however (does not turn anymore), but the motor is still fine. I think they would send me a replacement top.

      I also like this tiny one for chopping things like onions. It is so compact and easy to clean.

      Hope this helped! Good luck!

    • Lauren says:

      Hi Lisa and Christina,
      I just made mine using a Breville blender. It wasn’t easy, I didn’t expect it to work for the reasons mentioned above, but I did get an ok mixture.

      a few tips:
      if using dried fruit add a little water (i used recently boiled water as I figured that heat couldn’t hurt) and go really slowly.
      I found that I needed to stop blending and push the mix down with a spoon A LOT and I wanted to give up a few times – but i really wanted to try these and haven’t got a blender yet!
      I also found it easier to scoop out the ‘paste’ and mix the cocoa by hand (literally, i got my hand in and mushed it all together – very messy)

      anyway – they are in the freezer now and look good.
      however i will definitely be investing in a food processor asap – this is the last straw – Dips are also a lot easier to make in a processor otherwise they just become a sauce…

      • Thanks for sharing! That sounded like fun (sort of) really getting in there with your hands etc. I am glad it worked out. I also added water once, but then it seemed to take them longer to get “hard”. It depends on what texture you like. I try new things with them all the time… and they are healthy enough to make regularly.

        Great, that you are getting a food processor! Maybe you should also consider a small chopper (like the one recommended above). I use it all the time in my recipes. I am actually getting a second one, because I use it THAT much. It is great for dips (smaller volume), toppings, crumbles, pieces of nuts, chunky sauces, chopping onions etc. anytime when you don’t want to get out the big one. It takes up so little space in the dishwasher.

        Hope you enjoy them!

  12. Jessica Lee says:

    Need to try this asap. New reader and I have to say that I LOVE your blog and all the recipes!

    • Welcome Jessica!

      Thank you! I am always happy to hear that! Enjoy the truffles!

  13. Amanda says:

    Wow! Those look absolutely AMAZING! And the fact that they have prunes in them is really interesting too!

    • Thank you Amanda! Welcome by the way!

      I love these and everybody who has tried them loves them as well. Personally, I highly recommend the peppermint ones. Let me know if you tried them!

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  15. Mae says:

    I’m sorry for overwhelming you with 3,000 comments in one day! Haha, you probably think I’m a creeper.
    This recipe looks absolutely decadent! Your blog is everything I’ve been striving to be for the past few months. I have a few questions about this post: What model camera do you use, how do you set up your shoots, and how do you add the scroll-over descriptions within the recipe? They’re such a wonderful addition!! I adore the extra information, and I’ve actually been doing something similar with my recipes but it’s not nearly as discreet. (The word is linked to an embedded page…) Thank you!

    • No worries! I just think you are kind and really enjoy my blog! You have no idea how much I love comments (and mails)! So thank you for making my evening more fun!

      I will email you about the questions. The answers are all secrets…psst. Just kidding, it would just get too long! haha

  16. Jay says:

    Hi…these are wonderful. I just have one question..if I dip these in
    melted chocolate (I know, I know!) many calories would that add??
    Thanks for a great recipe. :)

    • Hi Jay! Glad you like them! I am not sure about the chocolate. It really depends on the type of chocolate, brand and how much you put on there. Your best bet is to look at the nutrition facts and calculate how much ends up on each one. I would say at least 20 Calories.

      You are welcome!

  17. Kenzie says:

    I’m excited to try your recipe. I am a truffle fanatic, but can’t eat them as often as I’d like because they send my blood sugar through the roof! Hopefully this recipe will give me a few more before it gets too high.. thanks for the idea.
    Deep Fryers

  18. Aaliyah says:

    this helped, i am doing a project for marketing class, and i have to make a delicious treat and sell it, i hope this sells alot at school. i will come back and thank you all. :) love aaliyah

    • Hi Aaliyah,

      Thanks for stopping by! Did you do it? How did it go?

  19. Maiysha says:

    I love this recipe, and with your permission I’d like to repost it on my blog and feature it as my recipe of the week. I will give the originating link leading back to your blog for my followers!!!! Thanks for this great recipe!

    Dr. Maiysha Clairborne

    • Hi Maiysha,

      Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to use this recipe on your blog.

  20. ashley hendrickson says:

    So I want to try these really bad! I am not sure what cocoa to buy? I have made a few sweets with cocoa powder and have not liked the taste all that much. We are switching to a healthier, semi vegetarian diet. What are your suggestions? I have a bid sweet tooth, and love raw chocolate. But its all about how its made, because I dont like a strong bitter taste. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    • Hi Ashley,

      I have made them with different kinds of cocoa powder before and they were always great, never bitter. I think the sweetness of the prunes/dates really cover any bitterness that the cocoa has. I have used nestle cocoa powder (brown plastic can with yellow cover) and Droste cocoa powder (red package, imported from Holland). When you are blending everything in the food processor, just start with a little bit of cocoa powder (maybe 4 Tbsp) try a little bit and add more cocoa. I usually end up using quite a bit of cocoa powder and it makes them richer, but definitely not bitter. But I know what you mean, some healthy deserts with choclate powder taste awful, you definitely need a kind of sweetness to make it work.

      I hope it works out for you and you like them! Let me know how it went!

  21. Kat says:

    Just tried this recipe making different flavors- 1.Mocha by using freeze dried coffee 2, Roasted pecans mixed in 3.. toasted coconut and pecan, So now the waiting begins…

    • Great flavors! Hope they turned out well!

  22. Rosie says:

    Well my truffles are in the freezer thanks for the recipe tastes really good so far. Will add more cooca next time – what about some vanilla?

  23. Rosie says:

    What I meant to ask was are they OK left in freezer till required or does the one hour surfice and then store them at room temperature?

    • Hi Rosie,

      Mhh vanilla is lovely with them! Just leave them in the freezer. They keep for a long time like that. When you want to eat them they might be a bit too cold straight out of the freezer, especially when they are large (but I do eat them straight from the freezer 90% of the time :), but you can just take how every many you want to eat out 15 minutes before. They tend to get soft very quickly at room temperature. If you like them softer and warmer ( they taste different warm) try storing them in the refrigerator.

      Enjoy! Thanks for reading the blog!

  24. Brandi says:

    Hi Christina,
    I’m planning on making a bunch of truffles for family and friends for christmas and was wanting something healthier to rid everyone of the usual holiday guilt over eating mass amounts of unhealthy foods. I would really like to try these but was wondering how well they would hold up and how long as I have to store them for a week or so and was wondering how best to do that. Would they need to be frozen or refrigerated or would they keep okay once they are complete? I will have them stored in tins for each family member or friend. I don’t want them to go bad. Thank you.

    • Hi Brandi,

      What a great idea to make them for Christmas! Hope everyone will love them!

      If you store them in the freezer they are fine for months. Keeping them in the refrigerator is also fine. All the ingredients can be kept for weeks at room temperature (dried fruit, cocoa powder) so they should also be fine at just room temperature. I would not worry about them going bad if you will consume them within a relatively short period. The only problems might be that they dry out a bit at the surface, which actually makes them easier (less sticky) to eat or that they can get squished when they get soft and are all on top of each other. If you don’t want them to take up space, store them in the tins outside (I assume it is cold now where you live :) ) That would be a good solution. They will stay good for weeks.

      Happy Holidays!

      - Christina

  25. Leah says:

    These truffles taste truly amazing! I look forward to making them with peppermint, as well as trying some of your other recipes. Thanks for sharing :)

    • So glad you liked them Leah! Aren’t they great? I just wish they were a bit faster to make… :) Thanks for letting me know! I appreciate it!

  26. Moira says:

    I made these truffles today for my partner, for a valentines treat. i was so pleased to have found a healthy alternative. Thank you! Really pleased with them. I did use dried cherries instead of prunes as was worried about a laxative effect with the prunes and dates??…

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